HubBucket Sparks ("HubSparks") is a technology research and development - R&D department of HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket"), that focuses on the design and development of

  • Big Data applications and systems
  • Artificial Intelligence - AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing - NLP
  • Natural Language Understanding - NLU
  • Neural Machine Translation - NMT

applications and systems for:

  • Healthcare
  • Health Information Technology - HIT / HealthIT
  • Medical Technology - MedTech
  • Medical Research Technology

HubBucket, Inc. HubBucket("") is a privately-held, United States of America (USA) based corporation, located in Brooklyn, New York. HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket") is an African American ("Minority") and United States Navy (USN) Intelligence Community, Cryptology Veteran, founded and owned corporation.


HubBucket, Inc. ("HubBucket") has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards all forms of Racism, Prejudice, Hate Crimes, Stereotyping, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Child Pornography (Child Rape), Child Labor, Labor Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Illegal Drug Trafficking, Illegal Human Experimentation, Illegal Medical Experimentation, Illegal Animal Experimentation, Human Enslavement, Eugenics, Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide and all other crimes that goes against Human Rights, Civil Rights and Equal Rights for all people.